About Me


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Brittany Lawyer and I reside in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with my husband and three dogs! I am a (relatively) new college graduate (Texas A&M '15), new to the "real" world, new to this little town, have a new rescue dog, and I'm a newlywed. So...as you can imagine; I have a lot of "new" things in my life. With that being said, I've experienced more changes in less than a year than I have in my entire life put together! The changes were fast, exciting, fun, trying, and just darn hard some days. So what did I do? I ate my emotions and gained a lot of weight.

After we received our wedding photos, I had had it with my unhealthy lifestyle. I am on a new journey to a better and more healthy way of life. I hope you follow with me, some days will be harder than others. Some will be super awesome and motivating. But I invite you into my life because I live a life well-lived. Being a 20-something is hard. I'm not here to put up a facade of a fancy shmancy, flawless life. I'm here to show you the real stuff. The good, the great, the impeccable, the beautiful, but also the stinky, ugly, and sad. We all get caught up in the way OTHER people live their lives. Live your life FOR YOU. 

B.Lawyer will feature my weight loss journey as well as many other things. I will share indulgent and healthy recipes (balance, right?). I will share my love of literature. I will share fashion and beauty tips, tricks, and hacks that are tried and true. I will express things weighing heavy on my heart and that I assume I am not the only one. 

welcome welcome welcome! Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let's get REAL! 

(The photos on the right feature my incredible husband, Hunter. My family & friends whom I love dearly. And my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; Charlotte and Teddy. And my new rescue; Sadie!)